August 27, 2010

the good stuff

I started spinning with my new roving last night. It's beautiful stuff from a local woman in Felton. It came to me in this lovely braid that showed off its gorgeous colors...
All was well until I unbraided it.

For a moment I stared at this giant pile of fiber, wondering where to start and what i got myself into. It looked like the flying spaghetti monster had abandoned his bastard child on my floor.

I separated it into segments, picked one, and began pre-drafting (drafting is pulling apart the fibers to thin it out a little. It gives you  more control over the fiber and allows you to control the thickness of the yarn). For some reason this fiber was harder to draft than the other one...which means i tore it apart a few times. But I got it to what I believed was a spinnable state, and began working. The colors are beautiful - subtle and dark with little bright patches of green shining through.

I think I need to work on drafting while spinning. So far I have just pre-drafted, but as you can see in the pictures I still have some varying thickness. Drafting while spinning will give me more control over that, but it's also another thing I have to pay attention to, and I'm trying to make it one step at a time. I still have a bunch of piles of roving to go - I hope the final product yields enough yarn to make something! I would love to be able to knit a quick hat out of this... or maybe some wrist-warmers. Hmmm....


  1. I have no idea what you just wrote... but I'm proud of your progress! ;)