September 29, 2010

Amaya's NYC Hat

Last night I made chicken parmesan... without the parmesan. Basically it was breaded chicken covered with spaghetti sauce. Whatever, it was still good. It's important for you, my three loyal readers, to know that I have a dairy allergy. This means that when you are possessed with an act of fanatical devotion, please don't send me a cheese log, fudge, or a homemade cheesecake. I won't be able to enjoy these delicious goodies, but will instead stare at them pathetically, willing my allergy to disappear until I delude myself into thinking my incredibly strong willpower has banished the allergy for good. I will then dig into the offending dish, embracing the creamy deliciousness as it caresses my tongue... enjoying all five seconds of it until my allergy flares up. My tongue will start itching, my saliva will get thick and hard to swallow, and my throat will feel like a baseball is lodged in it. This feeling will last for up to an hour, during when I will compulsively drink water trying to make the baseball go away.
Trust me. This has happened on several occasions, the most memorable being my senior prom. We had a fancy prom at a gorgeous local winery, complete with a yummy three course meal that was served with chocolate mousse as dessert. I knew I shouldn't have eaten it, but my desire for the chocolaty goodness overpowered common sense and I ate it. I was sidelined for an hour as I drank gallons of water trying to make the baseball go away... and when it finally did I danced my butt off!
Long story short, I made a cheeseless cheese-based dish and it was delicious.
That's not all I did last night! My friend, former roomate, and now big city dweller requested I make her a hat. She had a picture of one she liked, so I made it! I didn't make it all in one night, but I finished it last night while watching the Giants beat the D-backs.
It was simple and fast, which was fun. It's nice to have a project that is quick and easy, especially because I am a very instant gratification kind of person.
I had a little trouble with the flower because I am not a very good crocheter and I refused to follow a pattern. I think it turned out pretty well for being completely winged! 

This little guy is now on his way to New York City! I will be following him in December, when I go out to visit Amaya for almost a week. I am very excited!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome hat!
    Somehow the noodles and the flower remind me of each other.

    And I'll try to remember not to give you any delicious dairy filled delectables.