September 8, 2010

Christmas Projects

Every year I tell myself I'm going to start my Christmas gifts early. I am filled with nothing but good intentions and ambition during these sunny months of summer as I brainstorm, collect yarn, and begin knitting gifts that I know (or at least hope) my friends will love. Then reality kicks in about two days later. Who wants to be knitting in the summer? Why do it now when I have plenty of time before the holiday season? These projects get abandoned, carelessly shoved  in boxes or bags, closets or baskets (still on the needles) for the time when I'm sure I will complete them. I forget about them, lose the patterns, or begin something else that is much more interesting and these projects get added to my list of incompletes.
This year was going to be different, I told myself. In all honesty I've been telling myself that every year for the past four or five...but that is besides the point. I completed one project in June, and despite being distracted by my new spinning stuff managed to finish another one yesterday! I know two projects in four months doesn't sound like that much of an accomplishment to you, but if you understand the power of my procrastination you'd understand. The funniest part is that I didn't procrastinate in things like school, but I do when it comes to things I enjoy. Figure that one out!

Anyways, here is my newest project in all its glory.

It's the snowboarder hat that rocks, a pattern I found on Ravelry. I was thinking it would be great to line it with a fleecy material to make it slightly waterproof and super warm, but who am I kidding? I would never finish that, and you can't give someone a half-lined hat for Christmas unless they have some hair loss issue that causes them to be half bald.


  1. That is gorgeous! But you may have ruined the surprise for the intended recipient of this marvelous hat.
    PS: I want that pattern!

  2. Cindy-
    the pattern is linked in the blog. and don't worry, the intended recipient doesn't read the blog (or at least I don't think he does), so the surprise remains intact. :)