September 3, 2010

i have made... yarn!!

I feel pretty accomplished. I mean, it's certainly not the greatest yarn in the world. There are parts where it is really thick, others where it's almost impossibly thin. It didn't amount to all that much (maybe 80 yards at the absolute most), but I did it!

The lighting wasn't very good in my house last night, so the pictures are kind of ugly... but I'm still proud. Now I have to figure out what to make with it. I was thinking little hand warmers, because they don't use very much yarn and I could do a simple pattern that would show off the colorway. The only problem is it will be pretty obvious that the yarn is uneven. Oh well!! 

Cindy didn't care too much for my accomplishment. She slept through the final spinning stage, waking up to glare at me when I squealed with delight at the end.


  1. Aren't cats supposed to like yarn? Wait, never mind. I forgot Cindy is the spawn of Satan in a cat suit, not actually a cat. ;)