September 10, 2010

New Roving!

I got new roving in the mail yesterday! It's a little bit like getting a Christmas present, because even though you know what it looks like from the picture online, it's even better in person. I bought this roving from Woolen Mill Street Yarns on Etsy.


Once again I tried to be artsy. Here it is with my lovely fish, Buster Posey. He wasn't too interested in the roving - I think he thought I was going to feed him. He looked upset when I didn't give him delicious fish flakes.
The colors in this roving make me think of spring time, apples, and Snow White (for some reason... I haven't figured out why yet). I suppose all three of those things go together pretty well.
I started pre-drafting, and Cindy came over to play. Please ignore the fact that my rug is disgustingly dirty. Anyways, I pre-drafted all of the roving, and look forward to spinning it this weekend.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Ohhhh, i can hardly stand it! This makes me want to spin that beautiful wool. Scrumptious colors. Can you get an entire hat out of one bunch?