October 5, 2010

From One Extreme to Another

So for some unknown reason, after finishing Amaya's Hat, I decided I was going to knit a blanket. I have never knit a blanket before and have no clue why I thought it would be a good idea. Remember, I am the queen of knitting procrastination (and am rapidly becoming the queen of homework procrastination too), and with my sloth-like knitting habits it will probably take me a year to finish a blanket. I decided on this blanket: Lion Brand's Cable Comfort Throw. You can only see the pattern if you have an account, so here is one of their sample pictures:
Pattern Photo (i.e. unfortunately, this isn't
what mine looks like) 
It is knit in strips that are sewed together at the end. I worked on it all weekend and have finished one strip - one down, four to go!! I read that some people did it all together as one piece, but I like the idea of knitting it in strips because I have more control over the size - if it's too small, I can just knit another strip. I will try and take a picture tonight.

My (potentially unreachable) goal is to finish this by the end of this month. That means I have four strips and twenty-six days to go!

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  1. What color is yours? Sounds like you may actually finish it. I knitted a patterned shawl once and i found it seemed to take forever and got really boring. (i also used size 5 needles!) Strips is a good idea.