November 9, 2010

Another Completed Christmas Present!

I feel so accomplished right now. Seriously. It is only the beginning of November, and I have finished three whole Christmas presents! I know that doesn't seem like too much, but this is much better than every other year where I make elaborate plans and only end up making like one or two things.

The pattern comes compliments of Coco Knits, and is called the Fear of Commitment Cowl. It was a simple pattern that allowed me to stash bust (for you non-knitting geeks, stash busting means using up yarn you already have instead of buying more). It is a nice feeling to use stash yarn, especially because I tend to hoard one or two skeins of lots of different yarns, and have difficulty finding use for them. However, for this particular yarn I happen to have 5 of 6 skeins because I was planning on knitting a sweater once upon a time. Obviously this never happened, so ... don't judge me.

The cool thing about this cowl (it's not considered a scarf because it's short - a little less than three feet long) is that the button isn't sewn on. It's attached by another button, so you can move it to wherever you want on the scarf to be able to wear it however you want. It's perfect for my fashionista friend who is always making creative outfits out of simple items. It can be worn as a shawl, wrapped around like a scarf, or hang loose like a wrap. 

Now my mission is to finish my simple little knit hat I am making, and tackle my afghan. I am determined to finish it before the holidays! (Please note, by "the holidays" I mean Christmas. I can guarantee you that it will not be finished by Thanksgiving). 

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