November 22, 2010

Pumpkin Madness

I am not a pumpkin snob. I will turn any old pumpkin into pie. I know some people only like to use the sugar pie pumpkins because they are cuter, smaller, and slightly sweeter, but I like to use big, regular pumpkins because they are bigger, and bigger equals more pumpkin! I find that bigger usually equals better, except in rare cases like cucumbers and other phallic objects.

After I brought the pumpkins inside, I was about ready to begin rinsing and chopping when I noticed this little dude cruising along. The pumpkins were sitting outside in the rain, so he must have enjoyed the brief reprise inside before I took him outside and set him among the leaves.
After lots of chopping and scraping, I began boiling my pumpkins. I know a lot of people prefer to bake the pumpkins, but the few times I've done that my pumpkins have become dried out and hard to puree. I boil them and let the excess water drain out afterwards. 
I had lots of pumpkin to boil! I think I did about 4 rounds of boiling before I got bored and scrapped the few remaining uncooked pieces.
In the process of cutting the pumpkins, the serrated steak knife I was using broke and cut my hand! Thats the 3rd steak knife I've broken cutting things with it that I shouldn't. Oopsie!
I had lots and lots of pumpkin puree when I was done!
I let it drain for about two hours, occasionally stirring it to allow the water to drain out the bottom. The bowl was halfway filled when it was done! Finally I got to get down to the fun part - pie!!
I am affectionately calling this "Franken-Pie", even though the cookbook called it "Carmel-Pecan Pumpkin Pie". It is a hybrid of pumpkin/pecan pie - it is a pumpkin pie that you bake halfway, then cover with a pecan streusel topping and bake for another 20 minutes or so. I was making it to make sure it was yummy, because I want to make another one and bring it to Thanksgiving. It passed with flying colors!


  1. I'm glad your finger is okay. Each knife has a specific purpose. When you use them the wrong way, bad things happen. Not unlike cucumbers.

  2. yes. I ate a piece. it was Franken-Heaven

    PS- the blog security robot just asked me to correctly type the security word "tyupoo" which rhymes with poopshoe