December 20, 2010


My heart was literally pounding as I sewed in the last few threads of my Cable Comfort Throw. I had finally finished what is likely my biggest knitting project to date! Granted, it took me the majority of three months, but it was finally freaking finished and I did it all on my own. I sewed in the last edge and stood up to admire it. I grunted a bit as I picked it up, because it weighs a ton (there are 8 skeins of bulky yarn in this beast of a blanket), and is covered in random bits of cat hair, but it really is lovely! 

If I were to make this again (fat chance!) I would add an additional cable repeat. It is a nice lap blanket, but if it was just a little longer it would be a great curling up on the couch blanket.

Here is boy posing with the blanket (next to our lovely Christmas tree!). He was hoping that I was going to give it to him, and kept hinting that he wanted it, but it's going to be given to my parents for our vacation cabin in the snow. That way everyone can enjoy it!

It took some effort on my part to get it into the gift bag...and I ran out of tissue paper (Christmas fail!) but I wanted to show a final picture before it goes off to its new home.

After I finished photographing it and put it under the Christmas tree, I sat on the couch with a triumphant "phew!". I stayed there for a minute and looked around, relieved that the half finished blanket wasn't leering at me from my knitting bag anymore. I was so excited about finally getting it done... but now what? I have one more half-finished project that I am requiring myself to finish before I start on anything else. After that scarf is finished, who knows what's next! : )

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