December 9, 2010

Visitors, Travels and a Nasty Cold

Whew!! What a whirlwind past two weeks! I am still struggling to come back to reality... but I am doing my best.

Chaos started over Thanksgiving weekend when two of my favorite people came to town. One lives in Spokane, Washington, and I haven't seen her since boy and I took a trip up there in February. The other lives in New York City, and although I see her more than the other visiting friend, I wanted to spend as much time as I could with both of them.

One night, Spokane friend and I  made a delicious meal of slow-cooked short ribs, goat cheese polenta and string beans.

It was extremely delicious... and luckily we had leftovers that we drunkenly ate when we stumbled home from the bars later that night.

Somewhere in between Thanksgiving and friend juggling, boy and I managed to get a Christmas tree.

As soon as the tree was up and decorated I was hit with a cold from hell. I don't get sick very often, and haven't been this sick in a long, loonnggg time. While I wasted away the afternoons at home on the couch thinking healthy thoughts, I quickly crocheted a hat to bring with me on my vacation to New York City to visit Amaya.

 Although I did everything I could to battle this cold, I still boarded the plane feeling like death warmed over. Luckily I got better and was able to enjoy my trip! 
I did lots of the typical touristy stuff like Times Square, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center.
There were lots of gorgeous lights and store window displays. I ate LOTS of food and spent more money than I intended...but that's a sign of a good vacation, right? 

Now I am home, back to work, and getting ready for an accounting final on Monday. I am looking forward to that class being over so I can officially begin prepping for the holiday season!

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