October 25, 2010

Rainy Weekend = Progress?

My lofty goal to finish this blanket by the end of the is clearly a longshot. So far I have finished two strips and seamed them together. In researching other peoples blankets on Ravelry I read about one woman knitting two strips at a time, so I am trying that for my current strip.

Here is what it looks like so far:

Here's an up close, artsy shot:

Basically, I am a little over 45% completed... and don't have anymore yarn left! My last trip to my LYS resulted in me buying the last skein, so hopefully next time I pop in they've ordered more.

During the lovely rainy weekend we had, I made the most delicious Pumpkin Snickerdoodles. The recipe is over at Kitchen Corners (click here). They were delicious, but a little fluffier than I expected. Boyfriend has taken to calling them "muffies" (muffin + cookie), but I think he's only saying that cause it sounds naughty. I doubled the recipe in order to use an entire can of pumpkin... yes, I used canned pumpkin. But only because I hadn't taken a trip to the pumpkin patch yet! We did that on Sunday, so now I have two beautiful sugar pie pumpkins waiting to be made into something delicious. That's for next weekend.

October 14, 2010

Another Hiking Adventure

I originally intended this to be a blog about my forays into the spinning world, but it has somehow turned into a blog about my random adventures occasionally sprinkled with the occasional fiber-related tidbit. It has become a blog dedicated to my lack of dedication, if you will. It pretty much proves my point of my initial post: that I have a minimal attention span, and am consistently distracted by shiny things, fluffy animals, homework (blahhhh), friends/boyfriend, or pretty much anything that is different then what I am currently doing. This is why the new roving that I bought almost a months ago is sitting in a cardboard box on top of my wall heater. I am planning on staring at it for a while until the desire to work with it shows up again, which will hopefully be before I have to turn on the heater.

I have been working on the blanket that I started... but not enough to finish it by the end of the month like I so ambitiously planned. I've run into two problems: I am bored of the pattern, and the yarn is kind of expensive and I might run out of money. But I will cross that bridge when I come to it. So far I've completed one and a half strips, leaving 4 and a half left plus seaming and blocking. Here is a snippet:

Pretty, right? Well, that's not the best picture of it. The yarn is a garnet red color with a little bit of shimmer, and when the blanket is done it is going to weigh a ton! I think I might give it to my parents for Christmas, because it would look really nice in their cabin. But I have to finish it first!

Ok, now that the craft part of this entry is out of the way I can tell you about my most recent hiking adventure.  It certainly wasn't as dramatic as the cliff story, but it's entertaining. Boyfriend and I went hiking at Castle Rock State Park, which is a gorgeous park off of Highway 9 in Los Gatos. There are huge rock outcroppings dotting the landscape, and the trail we took wove around and even over some of the rocks. We just picked a trail and started walking - it took us past a waterfall (well, there wasn't much water actually falling- I would call it a tricklefall) where we saw some rock climbers climbing up the rock face, and we kept going for a while until we came to a tall, imposing looking rock formation. 
"Are you ready?", Boyfriend asks. 
"Ready? Ready for what?". 
"We're going to climb up to the top. There's a cool rock up here I want to show you."
Keep in mind boyfriend has been here before. And he did warn me when we were at New Leaf buying sandwiches that I needed to "put aside any girliness that you might have and get ready to sweat and get dirty", but I figured he was just talking about some dust getting on my pants or something. I was wrong.
For some reason I had to do it. Partially it was because I knew he would be disappointed if I didn't, because he planned out our day and brought me here with the specific intention of showing me things that make him happy. Also, I knew that if I didn't I would be disappointed with myself. I can't spend my whole life thinking I can't do stuff and not even trying, right? Right?
So up we go, boyfriend leading the way. We climb up a hill that leads to the base of the rock, and slowly pick our way to the top. Part way up I find a feather, and clutch it in my sweaty hands as I make my way to the top. Climbing the rock wasn't really that hard, it actually looked much scarier from the trail than it did up close, but my hands were shaking when we got to the top. 

We sat up there and enjoyed the view for a while, and boyfriend showed me a rock that he thinks looks like a lizard. It didn't look like a lizard and that made me a little mad. Eventually we climbed down and continued on our way. It was a pretty hot day, but the sky was crystal clear and I was really enjoying myself. We saw a sign that said there was a campground a mile and a half away, so we decided that would be our turn-around point. 
We passed some beautiful scenery, ran into two dehydrated hikers that we gave one of our waters too, and finally made to the campground. Boyfriend started running around concocting elaborate future camping plans while I excused myself and visited the outhouse. Yes... outhouse. I am not a girly-girl by any means, but it is pretty difficult for me to pee in an outhouse. That pretty much eliminated any thought in my mind of camping there, although I didn't want to dash boyfriends dreams by telling him that just then.

We turned and started heading back to the main entrance, which was about 3 miles away. We took a different trail back, which turned out to be a huge mistake. This trail was exhausting - it was basically a continual uphill climb in this weird fluffy dust-dirt, which made it hard to walk. As we trekked along I could feel all my energy and cheerfulness begin leaking out of me. My legs and feet started getting heavy and I started to get grumpy. Across the canyon from where we were was a gun club, which meant the air was full of echoing gunshots. That combined with the occasional airplane made me feel like I was somehow running though a war-torn jungle, which didn't do much to help matters. After what felt like forever, we stopped at a rock cropping and ate our sandwiches...which had become soggy during the two hours they were in boyfriends backpack. This did nothing to improve my mood, because soggy bread is one of my least favorite things (along with people leaving time on the microwave, rotten lettuce, and traffic). I ate it anyway, hoping that it would give me a sudden burst of energy that would carry me through to the car. It didn't... if anything, it was just extra weight to carry!

We continue along, and I'm getting progressively whinier. Boyfriend is doing his best to keep me cheerful, which is funny because it's usually the other way around. We stop a few times to take in the view, but I am getting so tired and grumpy that I don't care anymore. We reach the top of the hill (yes, we were going uphill the entire time) and come to a formation called "Goat Rock". Boyfriend took some time to climb the rock, while I sat in the shade underneath it and grumbled to myself about how the rock didn't even look like a goat. Then we went down a bunch of STAIRS! Yes, the past 40 minutes or however long we had spent going uphill was undone in a matter of seconds as we climbed down a freaking staircase. I was less than pleased... but definitely happy to be on level ground again.    

Boyfriend then decides that this is a good time to tell me that we are almost there, and to pat me encouragingly on the back. I am a hot, sweaty, dirty mess of a woman (girl? It's weird to think of myself as a woman) and the last thing I want is someone touching me, so I shrug him off and keep walking. "Walking is good for you!", I tell myself as I force each foot in front of the other. I can hear boyfriend in the background telling me how proud he is of me, because he is in shape from daily baseball practice and I am keeping up with him step for step, which must mean I am in shape too. This isn't making me feel any better and I want to tell him to shut up, but I know that is mean and he is just trying to make me feel good about myself.

Just when I feel like I am not going to be able to breathe anymore, we come to one last hill and I see the glint of a parked car at the top. I stumble to the car and flop inside, still breathing hard.We had run out of water since we gave some of it away, and there is no running water at the main entrance. I begin to fantasize about slurpees and smoothies as we begin our drive back into town, and when we reach civilization the first thing we do is get Jamba Juice. It was the best Jamba Juice I ever had, and only after the delicious blend of frozen goodness was in my belly did I begin to think happy thoughts again. 

Long story short, I went on a 6 mile hike and (barely) survived! I am proud of myself, and am hoping that future hikes will be more enjoyable because maybe I will start getting in shape. Hahaha... who am I kidding? 

October 5, 2010

From One Extreme to Another

So for some unknown reason, after finishing Amaya's Hat, I decided I was going to knit a blanket. I have never knit a blanket before and have no clue why I thought it would be a good idea. Remember, I am the queen of knitting procrastination (and am rapidly becoming the queen of homework procrastination too), and with my sloth-like knitting habits it will probably take me a year to finish a blanket. I decided on this blanket: Lion Brand's Cable Comfort Throw. You can only see the pattern if you have an account, so here is one of their sample pictures:
Pattern Photo (i.e. unfortunately, this isn't
what mine looks like) 
It is knit in strips that are sewed together at the end. I worked on it all weekend and have finished one strip - one down, four to go!! I read that some people did it all together as one piece, but I like the idea of knitting it in strips because I have more control over the size - if it's too small, I can just knit another strip. I will try and take a picture tonight.

My (potentially unreachable) goal is to finish this by the end of this month. That means I have four strips and twenty-six days to go!