January 30, 2011

Birthday Present!

I have a wonderful boyfriend. He finds my knitting habit adorable, puts up with my quirks, and loves my cat. He also knows what I like (well... most of the time). For my 24th birthday, he got me something I've been wanting for a really long time.
I managed to fit about 90% of my yarn stash in here. It's going to be so nice to be able to see what I have without having to dig through the trunk.
The drawers are larger than they look in the photos, which is how I managed to fit so much yarn in there.
This summer I am planning on stripping off the original finish and using a darker stain to make it match the rest of my furniture. I also would like to sew new drawers for it, but I'd have to get a sewing machine first. 

Here's a photo of the mason jars on top of the shelf- the smaller jar has my first attempts at spinning yarn, and the second has my button collection. The best part about having a new shelf is that it gives me more space to put knick-knacks on top!