January 13, 2011

A Very Productive Sick Day

So remember how Amaya started buying me yarn so I would make her stuff? Well, when I was home sick the other day I finished two projects for her.

The first is a headband/earwarmer. I saw a bunch of these when I was in NYC and thought they were really cute. This one is crocheted with a crocheted flower attached to one side. I didn't follow any pattern, I just winged it while on the couch in my PJ's watching Law and Order. I believe it took me two episodes from start to finish.

The second is Foliage from Knitty. It turned out much bigger than it was supposed to, but looks cute as a floppy tam. The reason it turned out too big is because I am adamantly against gauging my projects. Gauge is the number of stitches per inch for a specific project. Pattern designers include a gauge before each pattern that you are supposed to knit up. If what you made doesn't match their specified gauge, it's a sign that you should use different needles or yarn. I hate it because it is more work you have to do, and up until now it hasn't really been a problem. Well, I learned my lesson this time! I did like the pattern, so I might make one again someday.

This last project is just a hat that I made using stash yarn, because I am slowly (VERY slowly) but surely working my way through my yarn stash. I wore it to work today and got several compliments on it. It's made with the leftover yarn from Ryan's Snowboarding Hat