February 9, 2011

Anissa's French Press Cozy - Because Coffee Needs to Stay Warm

I have a very dear friend who is addicted to coffee. Now, I know a lot of you claim to be "coffee addicts", but you have nothing on her. There is almost always a full pot of coffee in her kitchen. She brings her own french press to work (because she is a slight coffee snob), and I am frequently privy to receiving instant messages from her stating something like this:

"yayayayayayayayayayay! Caffeine!"
"Hmm.. I feel funny....OMG I HAVEN'T HAD ANY COFFEE YET!!"
"My hands are shaking because I've had so much coffee today. Talk to you later, I'm off to have a coffee date!"

Ok, so those aren't exact quotes (well, the first one is pretty standard - she says that at least 3 times a week), but you get the picture. Anissa loves her some good coffee. One time she thought she lost her wallet (which contained her social security card, credit cards, ID, etc) and she was most bummed about losing a $20 gift card to her favorite coffee shop. So when it came time to brainstorm about what to get her for her birthday, I knew right away it had to be coffee related.

I started looking online for patterns for french press cozys, but wasn't too pleased with what I saw. They were all either too plain or too bulky looking... so the wheels started turning and I came up with my own. It took me 3 tries to get it (almost) right - there are still a few things I want to fix if I ever turn my scribbled notes into a pattern.

Here it is in all its glory:

You might recognize it from my sneak peek post the other day. I didn't want to post the whole thing in case she saw it before she received it in the mail. It's pretty simple - three plain cables with two owl cables on either side. They have cute little button eyes and make me smile. The cozy has three ties that hold it on - they are the one major design change that I would alter if I write it up as a pattern. I think buttons would be much nicer, and would help reduce the bulkiness of the cozy. 

She already sent in a fan appreciation picture:
In this picture the owls eyes look a little googly - maybe he's had too much coffee today!

Hope you like it!

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