February 23, 2011


I was a physical anthropology major in college. One of the best classes I took (besides the one that took me to Costa Rica to play with howler monkeys) was a forensic anthropology class. Now, you should all know by now that I have a terrible memory and am unable to retain any sort of important information except song lyrics and old phone numbers. However, there was one thing my forensic anthro professor said that stuck - that your body slowly begins to degenerate once you hit 24. You are no longer growing (well, except maybe outwards), and your body is slowly starting to fall apart. Of course, when she said that I was the ripe old age of 19 and laughed at my older classmates whose bodies had already started to betray them. I regret that now... I sprained my back working out on Tuesday. It's official - I am 24.

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