February 8, 2011

Taking it Personally

I know I can't please everyone, obviously. But for some reason I find myself getting really bummed out when people don't like my pattern. I obsessively check Ravelry several times a day to see if anyone has completed the pattern or made any comments. So far the response is pretty good, but there are a few people who've knitted it up and aren't too pleased with it. I know not to take it personally, and I think overall the response is pretty darn good for a first pattern. I just have to take what everyone says and use it as constructive criticism in order to make future patterns better!

Ravelry has several test knitting groups, so maybe I will present any future patterns to them so they can rip it apart before anyone else can. Live and learn!


  1. Ya, whenever you put yourself out there you can depend on some negatives coming back at you. This is truly how you learn, even tho it's hard to accept.

    Can I see what they said?

  2. You can still get your pattern tested by the group even though it's already been released! I used the largest test-knitting group on ravelry and it was a great learning experience.

  3. thanks! looking on ravelry for a test-knitting group didn't even cross my mind until about a week or so ago. it was a pretty big d'oh! moment.

  4. I only learned of the group because the contest I was entering highly recommended getting it test-knit and linked two groups to ask. It went really well despite not winning the contest (not that I really need more yarn though!).