February 21, 2011

Tracy's Mermaid Mitts

Here's my most recent FO. I finished these over the weekend while watching the entire first season of Dexter with my mom...who for some reason insisted on calling the Ice Truck Killer the "Ice Cream Killer". Not the same thing, mom.

The pattern for these mitts is from Dancing Ewe Yarns. The pattern was quick and easy, but there were several mistakes in the small size, which is the one I made. Besides that, the only problem I had with these is that they very clearly show off my uneven tension. Oh well! I used stash yarn (I still haven't purchased any yarn so far this year!) - it was a skein of Bamboo Ewe from Stitch Nation that I picked up at Michael's a year or so ago. I am slowly but surely plugging through that stash of mine.


  1. Did you try blocking the mitts? I think with the wool content the Bamboo Ewe should block out pretty well.

  2. I was thinking about it, but when they are on you can't tell... so i'm taking the lazy route this time. ;)

  3. i love how these turned out. but the dancing ewe site is no longer available. is there any way i can get you to email me a copy of the pattern or post it some where? i really want to make these.