March 18, 2011

Snow Sports

I'm no good at sports. I've played on two sports teams in my life: basketball in 8th grade (but only if you consider being a benchwarmer playing), and softball, which was only mildly less embarrassing. I am gawky and uncoordinated and not athletic at all. When my parents purchased a little vacation cabin in the snow last year, boyfriend and I both had totally different ideas of what was going to happen there. I pictured large gatherings of friends all sitting around a fire drinking hot cocoa, and he had images of large groups of friends shredding down mountains on snowboards.

Now, I have realized that boyfriend is very athletic and I am very not. I know he sometimes wishes I was, so occasionally I will make attempts at athleticism to make him happy (just like he makes attempts at crafting to make me happy). Last winter I attempted snowboarding approximately three times.

Snowboarding is hard. I used muscles I didn't even know I had. It is a series of trying circumstances - getting on the lift, picking yourself up off the ground after falling off the lift, scooting to the top of the bunny slope, strapping yourself in without falling down, and then beginning the perilous journey down. I think each time I went, I made it down the bunny slope three times before I was too humiliated and exhausted to continue. I made myself a regular fixture at the bar, drinking overpriced jack & cokes and nursing my ego.

To make a long story short, I am no better at snow sports than I am at regular sports. So when boyfriend and I had a random free weekend (baseball and school leaves him very busy) we shot up to the cabin for a quick snow trip. I was prepared to spend the weekend alone while boyfriend snowboarded to his hearts content, so when my momma suggested we go snowshoeing together I jumped at it. I was kind of nervous, but you know what? I found a snow sport that I like! I mean, its basically hiking through the cold, snowy forest with funny contraptions strapped to your feet, but I don't care.
Of course I fell down once or twice, but I'm blaming that on tripping on the snowshoes.
Momma fell down too, so I don't feel as bad. And it took longer for her to get up because she got stuck in the snow.
But it was very beautiful and fun to explore parts of the forest that otherwise wouldn't be accessible in the winter. 

I don't think there will be any more snow trips this winter, but next winter I am looking forward to more snowshoeing. And you know what? I might even give snowboarding a second chance.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your snowshoeing adventure as the thermometer exceeded 80 degrees for the second weekend in row, here in Charleston.

    Glad you enjoyed your snowshoe outing. Tracy and I really enjoyed it. Well, I really enjoyed it. I think she pleasantly tolerated it.