November 28, 2011

Baby Hat!

I am terrible with children. I have no idea how to talk to them, or what they like to do, eat or wear. I also have no concept of children sizes. Case in point: I decided to make my two year old cousin a hat, and had to re-make it twice before it was the right size. The first one was way too small (as Amaya so kindly said: "Mari.. that hat is for an infant. A new-born infant. No way that will fit a two year old child). Luckily the second time proved to be the charm. Here is my adorable cousin Alma rocking her sweet new hat:

Yes, I know they are boy colors. The yarn was baby yarn I bought when my friend had a baby boy over three years ago. Did I mention I am a procrastinator? 


  1. Sweet! She must like it--she's not pulling it off!

    It was sure nice to see you on Thanksgiving!!! Thanks for making the effort to stop by and warm our table.

  2. Third time's a charm! And quite a charm! :)