November 16, 2011

First Project Made With Handspun!

Remember the original point of this blog? No? Me neither. I'm pretty sure it was to chronicle my journey into spinning yarn, but that obviously got thrown by the wayside. I did actually spin some yarn once upon a time, and over the weekend I finally turned it into something!

The main reason I hadn't done anything with this particular yarn was because there wasn't enough yardage to make anything significant. Finally I decided to make a miniature version of an infinity scarf...but it turned out more like a cowl.
It's kind of hard to figure out how to wear it, since it's a little too long to be a cowl and a little too short to be an infinity scarf... but I like it anyway. Mainly because there are a lot of Mari-hours put in that darn thing.
It looks pretty cute with a pin holding it into place!! I think it would look nice under a puffy winter coat, so I'm hoping Amaya will adopt it and take it back home to NYC when she comes to visit this week.


  1. That's so pretty! and very special....

  2. It's cold enough that I can start wearing this thing... :)