June 29, 2011

First Harvest!!

Does one zucchini count as a harvest? I think so...

Look at it! Bask in its glory!! Such an amazing little zucchini...and it made for a very delicious dinner.

Yes, I made zucchini stuffed chicken breast atop spinach and zucchini pasta. Not only did it have a homegrown zucchini in it, it also had homegrown basil, thyme and rosemary! Yeah, I know, pretty freaking awesome. My neighbor and I are winning at this garden thing.... for now, at least!

Kitchen Shelves

A few months ago, I bought some cube shelves for my kitchen. I had every intention of putting them up as soon as I finished painting, but (as I'm sure you have figured out already) I have a severe procrastination problem. After staring at them for weeks on end, I finally felt inspired enough to hang them last night. Here's the final result.

The picture isn't the best, because it's hard to take a picture of a wall at night... or at least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Three of the shelves are three-dimensional cube-like thingys, and the other is just a really cool picture frame I found at a thrift store. It didn't have glass or a backing but it is so pretty that I couldn't resist picking it up.

When I was in Costa Rica in 2008 I came across the most amazing thing I've ever seen. As some of you know, I am not religious in any way, but when I found a cross with a chicken and farmhouses on it, I couldn't resist it. It has been moved from house to house and has never had a proper home...until now!

Here's a close-up. Yes, there is a flower growing out of a house with an all-mighty chicken in the sky. Amazing, right?

Finally, here's a shot of my little breakfast nook. Well, its not a nook...more like a breakfast wall. Either way, it has been completed with my super awesome new clock (do you love it? I love it! I got it at Ross!) and my love fern. If you don't know what a love fern is, I suggest you watch 'How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days'. Since I am starting a new relationship with myself, I figured I should honor it with a love fern. Hopefully I don't kill it, because that wouldn't be a very good omen!

Linen Stitch Scarf - Completed!

It took me way too long to finish this scarf. I started it in the beginning of March, and it was quickly put on the back burner as my personal life took a front seat. It sat in my knitting bag for months, staring at me and almost taunting me (if yarn could taunt). Finally I was overwhelmed with the desire to finish it, and completed it a few days after picking it up again.

I don't know if I will ever wear this scarf even though I like it a lot - it reminds me of candy, and the colors are bright, cheerful and happy. If you want it, let me know in the comments! If more than one person wants it, I guess I'll randomly choose one of you. Just remember, a fan appreciation photo is required if you end up with it.

I left all the ends loose to give it some fun fringe. I tried to block it (for you non-knitting folks, blocking is a technique used to straighten and shape a finished project - it can help flatten rolled edges or give something more definition) because the edges are curling, but since it wasn't made of a natural fiber it didn't really hold. Maybe sitting flat in my storage box for a while will straighten it out.

I started work on a dishcloth the other night... you know you're lame when you are sitting at home watching reality TV and knitting dishcloths! But all joking aside, I'm kind of excited about them because they are a fun way to test out new stitch patterns, and they will look cute in my newly painted kitchen.

June 28, 2011

I'm Sure You Will Be Happy to Know...

That I cleaned my shower the other day.

Don't get too excited now - I didn't clean the whole bathroom, just the shower. Considering it took me almost 45 minutes to clean the shower alone and I inhaled so much bleach that my lungs still feel like I've smoked a pack of cigarettes, I figured the rest of the bathroom could wait until another day.

Damn, I'm disgusting.

Garden Progress

Much to my surprise, our garden is not only still alive, but it is actually thriving.

We have yellow squash...

a baby bell pepper...

tomatoes (the ones that have survived the neighborhood cat attacks)...


and even little baby green beans!!

Some of the zucchini is big enough to pick... I was thinking of making something with it tonight. Yum!

June 21, 2011

My Bathroom

I am a messy person. My messiness has been documented here before. I get hit with urges to clean occasionally, but there is one area of my house that I almost never (ever) clean- my bathroom. Whenever I feel the need to clean, I start in the kitchen and work my way into the living room, occasionally my bedroom, and sometimes even my closet, but never my bathroom.

I never noticed how dirty it was until my friends started commenting on it. One friend even went as far as to go next door to my neighbor/friend's house to use HIS bathroom. Yes, a single guys bathroom has been deemed cleaner than mine. You are probably thinking that someone actually leaving my house to use someone else's bathroom would inspire me to clean. You are wrong.

A few months ago I was in the kitchen singing to myself and making dinner for some friends as they hung out in my living room. I walked in to find one friend in my bathroom, frantically spraying my shower with Tilex. She looked at me and said "I just couldn't stand it anymore! Let me clean it!". I forcibly removed her from the bathroom, promising to clean the shower on my own. You are probably thinking that seeing a friend of mine try to sneakily clean my shower would inspire me to clean. You are wrong.

I don't know why I refuse to clean my bathroom. I mean, I'll wipe down the sink, mirror and toilet on occasion, but I have never cleaned the shower or the floor as long as I've lived there. There is a visible layer of dust on the floor, and the shower is starting to grow things. I have a built-in shower excuse - I can't see without my glasses, and obviously I don't wear glasses in the shower, so I am literally turning a blind eye to the monstrosities growing on my shower ceiling. I actually cringe when house guests use my shower. You are probably thinking that having to make excuses about how dirty my shower is would inspire me to clean. You are wrong.

Cleaning my bathroom has become an ongoing joke with my friends. At least twice a week I make plans to clean my bathroom (shower and all) after work or on the weekend, and every single time I end up going out with friends, getting distracted by new episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, or conveniently forgetting to do it.

But hey, who knows. Maybe I'll clean my bathroom this week. But then what will my friends tease me about?

Linen Stitch Scarf - In Progress

I know it might just look like a blob of color, but I promise there's a scarf under there! It's being knit lengthwise, so it is crammed on one circular needle.

It's a fun project, but I started it months and months ago and need to finally finish it!

June 1, 2011

June Goals

Things I want to accomplish in June-

  • Sand and paint my kitchen cabinet doors
  • Redecorate my kitchen
  • Finish my Linen Stitch Scarf
  • Re-arrange my living room
  • Start and complete a new knitting project
  • Keep my garden alive