January 9, 2012


Since my lovely friend Danu got engaged, we have spent several weekends at local antique stores looking for fun things for her wedding. Unfortunately for my wallet, it almost always turns out that I end up finding things I can't live without. This past weekend was no different.
We wandered into an antique store a few blocks away from my house and I stumbled across the most  amazing pair of blue corner shelves. I bought them without any idea of where to put them, but luckily I found the perfect spot in my kitchen!

I love them so much I spent most of last night sitting in my kitchen admiring them. I think the blue contrasts perfectly with my yellow walls. Granted, they don't match my clock, but I can live with that for now.

Danu and I had wandered into another neighborhood antique store earlier that day (there is an abnormally large number of antique stores in my neighborhood. I have no idea how they all manage to compete with each other!) and I found a treasure trove of gorgeous old windows. I have always wanted to re-paint an old window to use as a wall decoration, but I couldn't rationalize spending $100 on one. After hanging up my shelves and cleaning up my kitchen, I took my trash out and found the most amazing window casually leaning against the dumpster. It is identical to a window in my living room, so I assume that another apartment in my complex got new windows (I'm a little jealous since my single-paned windows do little to keep my house warm, but that's besides the point). I had wanted a window, and lo and behold one appeared!

It's a little bigger than I would like, and the top right-hand corner has lots of wood damage, but I am going to sand and paint it a nice, bright color. It is really heavy and my walls are made of plaster, so it's going to take some planning in regards to hanging it, but I am excited.


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  2. Those shelves are to DIE for! :)
    I love your clock, too! Interested in what you'll do with the window--I can't imagine...

  3. Take a moment to appreciate the fact you don't have concrete walls. Just sayin'. Also, I love your shelves.