June 13, 2012

Crafts - Wall Art

Amaya was in town the other day. We were sitting on the couch watching Bridesmaids when she turned to me and said "I want to do a project". I laughed and jumped up, returning with one of my various half-finished projects that I had abandoned due to lack of attention span.

I had seen this a little over a year ago. I slowly collected a variety of paint chips, purchased a 16 x 16 canvas, and a few months ago I sat and diligently began cutting them out...for about an hour. I grew bored and abandoned the project. Amaya gleefully began cutting out the remaining pieces, and before I knew it I was gluing them down and this was born:

I love it, and now feel some odd urge to make three more: they would look really nice as panels in my bedroom. But that might have to wait til Amaya's next visit in September.