November 24, 2013

After a Long Hiatus

Well, life has been quite busy this past year and a half. My man moved here from across the country, I started going to school again (getting my Professional in Human Resources Certificate, exciting I know), we moved to a bigger house (yes, I have a craft room now!), and I put my knitting down for a long time.

Recently I've been back in the game and have been cranking out a bunch of Christmas presents. AND I got a loom! I have been experimenting with it lately, and right now am trying to weave a plaid pattern.

I have been using some old Knit Picks Palette to warp and weave, and for some reason the yarn keeps breaking. It's making for a trying experience! I don't really intend for the fabric to be anything, maybe a fall table runner or something.

One of my best friends is having a baby in December. I won't bore you with the little things I've made (booties, hats, etc), but I do want to show the Baby Surprise Jacket that I finished last month. I wanted to make it out of scrap yarn to see how the pattern knit up, and it turned out surprisingly cute. I might actually give it to her! 

I also made a pair of Vanilla Latte Socks for my mom.She loves to wear hand-knit socks for hiking. This pattern was really great to follow - it leaves lots of room for customization, or lets you knit up a nice pair of simple socks if you want! 

Matthew and I are flying out to Orlando over Christmas to spend time with his family. I bought the yarn to start working on Interweave Knitting's Cornhusk Pullover. I have not had good luck with clothes - my Abalone pullover was a dismal failure. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving!

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